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Spooky Mountain Podcast

Two Aussie Girls talking About Spooky Shit

We are Steph and Jordi, the two girls who make up Spooky Mountain, the podcast that brings you an

episode each week of the paranormal, whether it be Cryptids, UFOs, Ghosts, Demons and everything else

that is spooky af! We hope that our stories chill you to the bone and keep you up for the next three

nights straight. 



Self professed Cryptid and UFO fanatic and all-round paranormal lover. 


Obsessed with all things ghosts, Ouija board and everything on the darker side of the paranormal while keeping a skeptical mind (Well, sometimes anyway). 


This is Jordi

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About Us

Us girls at Spooky Mountain have known each other for over ten years, but what really brought us closer was our shared interest in all things paranormal. We both realised this shared interest after becoming housemates of an extremely haunted house in Katoomba, The Blue Mountains of NSW. 

Spooky Mountain was born out of our belief of the paranormal due to our own personal experiences together and separately, and we're very excited to share our enthusiasm with you!

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and this
is Steph!


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! If you have your own spooky story, you want to reach out about a story we have told on an episode or you just to say hi, we want to hear it!

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